Solar Panels

Solar Panels are an attractive option for homes in sunny Brisbane and why wouldn’t they be – you get to enjoy the satisfaction of powering your own home or business with the sun AND you can reduce your electricity bills – or avoid having to pay them!

We do grid connect solar panels in Brisbane and the rest of South-East QLD for both residential and commercial properties.

How solar panels work

Solar panels use sunshine to create direct current (DC) electricity, which is then fed into an inverter to turn this power into the correct voltage alternate current (AC) electricity you can use to power your home or business.

Even on a cloudy day, electricity can be generated. Grid connect means any surplus electricity is sent back into the  mains power grid.

The benefits of powering your home with solar

  • Solar panels allow you to power your home with renewable clean, green energy
  • You can reduce your impact on the environment
  • Homes with a quality solar power system attract a higher sale price
  • Incentives are available from the Government to reduce the cost

Choose Eco Electrics for your solar installation

  • We are qualified installers, with solar accreditation as well as Master Electrician status.
  • We’ll make the best recommendations based on your usage
  • We’ll investigate and measure out the prime position for your panels
  • We only supply high quality solar panels and components designed to withstand QLD weather
  • We can do 2kw – 30kw systems to suit any size home, property or business

Contact Eco Electrics QLD and find out more about how to power your home with clean, green energy.