CCTV Installations

CCTV systems offer in-house and remote monitoring of your home or business in real time, for your peace of mind.  Ensure the safety of your family or assets with a professional system designed to deter criminal activity and provide digitally recorded images of incidents. We highly recommend the best brands offering quality components so you get images that are of a high quality and high resolution.

Benefits of a CCTV System

  • Watch your home or business with the latest technology
  • Protect your family members, staff or assets
  • Provide clear, digital images of incidents on your property
  • Deter unwanted access and criminal activity
  • Save money on your insurance premiums

Eco Electrics QLD are specialists in CCTV installation in Brisbane and SE QLD:

  • We install CCTV systems in luxury homes, small to large businesses, industrial and commercial properties
  • We source and recommend CCTV products that are cost-effective, easy to use and provide exceptionally high quality digital images that are able to be accessed from your smartphone or tablet
  • Our CCTV installation specialists are well-experienced in the products we recommend, ensuring the install is the best match for your situation
  • We will help you work out how many cameras you should have, the best viewing angles and additional functions to suit your needs
  • We install systems with high quality recorded images and night vision that can be used as video evidence by police if an incident occurs

Get in touch with Eco Electrics QLD to discuss the best CCTV options to protect your most valuable assets.